Kalle will present a variety of new products at IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt. MSP Magazine emphasizes the benefits of the new sausage casings regarding efficiency, quality and marketing.

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Ian Healey, the editor in chief, visited Kalle’s Headquarter to discover the story behind the sausage skin.

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Gobal Meat News announces and introduces product innovations which the sausage casing manufacturer Kalle will present at IFFA 2016.

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Kalle will present a number of new sausage casings at IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt (7–12 May), the leading international trade fair for the meat-processing industry. As a major global company, Kalle will highlight at this event special benefits of its products with regards to efficiency, quality and marketing.

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The record for the world’s largest haggis has been broken by a massive 1.01 ton pudding. The haggis, which took 25 hours to cook, was produced by the well-known Scottish meat producer Hall’s, and was presented during this year’s Highland Games. For stuffing the giant, Hall’s literally used a tailor- made...

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