The Kalle GmbH, existing since 1863, has restructured its existing business due to economic reasons and the changed competitive environment, locally and abroad: on August 1, 2019, the Kalle GmbH outsourced the operational business activity of the entire casing production to the Kalle Casings GmbH & Co. KG. The Kalle GmbH concentrates mainly on the commercial business and the sales function as well as the production of sponge cloths.

This means for you:

As customer: This spin-off changes nothing for you. The Kalle GmbH will continue to supply you with our known quality. Your contacts on-site as well as within the company will remain unchanged; the same goes for your documentation such as specifications, declarations of conformity, quality declarations, and the likes.

As supplier: In the future, as part of our existing supply relationship with you, you may receive both Kalle GmbH and Kalle Casings GmbH & Co. KG orders, depending on the area in which the goods or services you supply are used. The respective company name will appear on the order form, as well as the details of the billing address, bank details, commercial register, etc. Your contact at Kalle and their contact details remain unchanged for you.

We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with your company.

Media contact:

Christine Martinez
Kalle GmbH

Marketing & Communications
Christine.Martinez@kalle.de | www.kalle.de