Kalle received Halal certification

Since 10th March 2019, Fibrous, Cellulose and Value Added Casings based on Cellulose from Kalle are Halal certified according to the JAKIM MS 1500, MUI HAS 23000, SMIIC 1:2011, GSO 2055-1.

Strict guidelines are followed along the entire value chain in terms of raw materials, manufacturing, storage and transportation to ensure product purity under Islamic law. Kalle has passed its Halal certification audit in the first attempt.


The Kalle Group is a leading manufacturer of industrially produced casings for sausage and meat products as well as other foods. Another business area is the Kalle sponge cloth for household applications as well as various industrial and medical purposes. The key to success of the company founded in 1863 is innovation. Every day around 1,800 employees create value through innovation. Today, Kalle holds several hundred patents and continues to work tirelessly on the future of the industry.

Since 1997, the company based in Wiesbaden has more than quadrupled its annual turnover. In particular, the value-added segment, further internationalization and the expansion of the business with functional ingredients are key pillars of Kalle's strategy. In doing so, the company wants to profit from dynamic market growth, especially in the emerging markets, and thus continue her more than 150-year success story.

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